Pearl Fertility

Whether you’re in the thick of your journey to conceive, or if you simply want to have an easy and safe way of tracking your cycle and your fertility: Pearl Fertility makes ovulation tracking easy and accurate.

It works by tracking up to 3 hormones responsible for ovulation: LH (Luteinizing hormone), FSH (Follicle-stimulating hormone), and Progesterone, which are used to predict your fertility window. Simply expose the test strips included in the Pearl kit to morning urine each morning and Pearl will then provide you with an individualized fertility prediction based on your hormonal profile. Pearl works regardless of your cycle regularity and consistently across ovulation cycles. It also knows that every woman has her own unique cycle patterns.

The Pearl Fertility App enables you to track and store your hormonal patterns quickly and easily. Take a picture of your test results using the Pearl Fertility App and the results will be saved and charted right on your phone. The app will also inform you in advance of your 3 most fertile days and give you an overview of your entire fertile window (yes, all of it) in advance! Convenient, personalized tracking for better results!

Use the code TRIBE10 for 10% off your first kit!


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Beli Men

It takes two to make a baby, and the health of his sperm is just as important as her egg in the whole baby making equation. Beli Men’s Vitality Blend contains ingredients that are clinically proven to benefit not only men's fertility health prior to conception, but their overall health as well.

Beli’s Vitality Blend provides powerful nutrients that can: increase sperm count, protect sperm while they grow, improve sperm quality & egg penetration, balance acid-alkaline in the body to help sperm survive and work properly, boost energy, and improve cellular health.

Click here to learn more about Beli’s Vitality Blend for men!


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Confirm ovulation and track progesterone quickly, easily, and in the comfort of your own home!

Proov offers the first and only rapid response at-home progesterone testing strips, which allow women to monitor whether or not they are ovulating sufficiently – in other words that they are, in fact, ovulating AND have enough progesterone to support conception.

Use the code TRIBE20 for 20% off your first test!


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Premama Wellness

Our friends at Premama Wellness help transform women into mothers with innovative products that cater to each stage of the motherhood journey from fertility on through your postnatal needs.

Stage 1: The Birth Control Cleanse uses Chasteberry and other key vitamins to prepare the body for pregnancy by balancing hormones and stimulating uterine health.

Stage 2: Fertility Support for Her is uniquely formulated with premium ingredients including Myo-Inositol and Quatrefolic® to improve egg quality and regulate ovulation.  

Stage 3: Prenatal Vitamins any way you want them! They offer a Duo-Cap pill, Organic Gummy and a Drink Mix. Each offering contains the very best, bio-available ingredients to ensure your body and your baby can absorb them.



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Primally Pure

Primally Pure is committed to providing innovative, creative, and clean beauty products - skincare that promotes health & vitality instead of taking away from it.

Primally Pure’s products are formulated using real ingredients derived from nature for maximum purity and potency. They consult with leading experts in the beauty and wellness industries to create truly safe skincare products that offer real, recognizable results. Their products are made with certified organic ingredients that are sourced with the utmost attention and care.



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Kristyn HodgdonComment

Let's face it, buying a pregnancy test at the drugstore sucks. It’s confusing, expensive, and attracts unwanted looks. Stix is a female-founded company flipping the experience. Stix is a private, discreet, high quality, affordable pregnancy test. But most importantly, it’s made by women, FOR women. Stix is over 99% effective, gyno approved, and FDA certified. Plus, they offer free delivery and subscription options!

Fun fact - over 11 million women bought pregnancy tests in 2017 and 70% of them had bad purchasing experiences. Why? They feel the burden of shame, high prices, and brands that don’t speak to them. Stix is different. They’re creating a brand that speaks directly to all women, whether they’re ready for babies or not.



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Mom Culture

Mom Culture’s Rainbow mama tees were created to honor pregnancy and infant loss and the various routes to motherhood. Rainbow mamas are those who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss and have a subsequent child. Dr. Jessica Zucker, founder of the #IHadAMiscarriage campaign, made these tees with the hope of inspiring conversations about loss and the experience of pregnancy and life after. Mom Culture is privileged to expand their motherhood community by partnering with the #IHadAMiscarriage campaign.

use the code fertilitytribe for 15% off their Rainbow Collection

Visit their website at

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Belly Bandit

"From the moment a woman learns she's expecting, she starts to nurture her baby-to-be, but who's there to nurture the mother?"

The ingenious answer to that question is what led to the birth of Belly Bandit - a diverse collection of maternity and post-pregnancy essentials specifically created to make women look and feel their absolute best, with designs that help to speed recovery, to aid in healing, and to provide much-needed support for over-stressed muscles and joints.



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