Pearl Fertility

Whether you’re in the thick of your journey to conceive, or if you simply want to have an easy and safe way of tracking your cycle and your fertility: Pearl Fertility makes ovulation tracking easy and accurate.

It works by tracking up to 3 hormones responsible for ovulation: LH (Luteinizing hormone), FSH (Follicle-stimulating hormone), and Progesterone, which are used to predict your fertility window. Simply expose the test strips included in the Pearl kit to morning urine each morning and Pearl will then provide you with an individualized fertility prediction based on your hormonal profile. Pearl works regardless of your cycle regularity and consistently across ovulation cycles. It also knows that every woman has her own unique cycle patterns.

The Pearl Fertility App enables you to track and store your hormonal patterns quickly and easily. Take a picture of your test results using the Pearl Fertility App and the results will be saved and charted right on your phone. The app will also inform you in advance of your 3 most fertile days and give you an overview of your entire fertile window (yes, all of it) in advance! Convenient, personalized tracking for better results!

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