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Fruitful Fertility

Fruitful is a 1:1 fertility mentorship program that matches people at the beginning of their fertility journey with a mentor (someone who has "been there and injected that"). It's a great way to receive emotional support, perspective and understanding from someone who can truly empathize with the meds, the stress, the marital spats and the emotional breakdowns in the baby section of Target. Because no one should have to go through this crap alone.

Sign up to find a fertility mentor or become one!


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Fertility IQ

FertilityIQ is an online community that is powered by, and serves, over a million fertility patients in the United States. They offer impossible-to-find insight on doctors, clinics, costs, treatment protocols, and more. Founded in 2015 by Deborah and Jake Anderson-Bialis, a couple undergoing fertility treatment themselves, their mission is to deliver critically-analyzed, independently-minded, and advertising-free intelligence to hopeful parents during the most challenging time in their lives.

The Fertility Tribe is teaming up with FertilityIQ to encourage current and former fertility patients to review their fertility doctor(s). You can leave an anonymous review of your fertility doctor(s) by starting here:

In the review, when asked where you came from, type ‘The Fertility Tribe.’

When you evaluate your doctor, you’ll educate patients on what to expect, so they won’t waste time, money, and emotion on the wrong doctor for them.

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Cryos International

With 30 years' of experience and delivering to over 100 countries, Cryos International Sperm and Egg Bank aims to ensure a wide selection of high-quality, extensively screened frozen donor sperm and frozen donor eggs from all races, ethnicities and phenotypes. Cryos International is an industry leader, and is the world's largest sperm bank and first free-standing, independent egg bank in the United States. Through medical partnerships and evolving research, Cryos continues to improve and expand its global services of helping to provide the gift of family.


Visit their website to find a donor!

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Reaching over 2 million families a year in over 150 countries, Twiniversity is the largest global resource for all things “twinnie”. With worldwide recognition in her field, Founder Natalie Diaz brings her twin parenting expertise to Twiniversity’s online resources, parent to parent forums, live and online expecting twins classes, and social media channels.

Click here to buy her bestselling book “What To Do When You’re Having Two.”

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myMindBodyBaby is an online community focused around helping women who are trying to conceive, struggling with infertility, pregnant, and postpartum to optimize their health – mind, body, and baby. Backed by a team of experts, their Preconception and Infertility Fitness & Nutrition Guides:

• Are specifically tailored to each phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle
• Guide women through day-by-day video-demoed exercise programs
• Provide complete meal plans (with grocery lists!) that support hormone & blood sugar balance and inflammation reduction
• Offer mental well-being tools that can be leveraged at key times during your fertility journey
• Include specific plans for common types of infertility management: Cycle Monitoring, Medicated Cycles, IUI, IVF, and Embryo Transfers



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