Celebrating 'Beyond Mother's Day' with byCHLOE, Robyn, & KindBody

By Kristyn Hodgdon

Mother’s Day can be an extremely painful time for women who are struggling with infertility, miscarriage, loss, and other conditions that leave them feeling alone.

In the past week and a half I have had the opportunity to attend several events for the Beyond Mother’s Day campaign, hosted by byCHLOE, KindBody, & Robyn. The focus of Beyond Mother’s Day is on de-stigmatizing fertility and women’s health. With events throughout May, the goal is to create safe spaces for honest conversation during a time that is difficult for many women who are still yearning to be mothers.

First up was the Beyond Mother's Day kickoff breakfast last week at byCHLOE’s West Village location. byCHLOE provided delicious vegan treats, and Founder Sam Wasser spoke about how her inspiration for the Beyond Mother's Day initiative came out of her own fertility struggles. We also heard from Alli Kasirer, the founder of Robyn, a maternal wellness website providing support for your unique journey to parenthood, Pamela Hirsch, Co-Founder of BabyQuest, and Dr. Fahimeh Sasan, the Founding OBGYN of KindBody.


KindBody is a company that is revolutionizing the women’s healthcare industry by helping women understand and take control of their fertility. Their mobile fertility truck was parked outside of the event, and inside they were offering free (yes, free!) fertility hormone tests. I got my blood drawn, and not only did I get an email a few days later with my results, but Dr. Sasan called to discuss them with me in detail. I am completely in awe of this company. Knowledge is power, and I love that KindBody is encouraging women to get informed about their fertility sooner rather than later.


The ladies at byCHLOE, Robyn, and KindBody must also know that after any fertility blood test comes a need for self-care, because this week's Beyond Mother's Day event was all about mothering yourself.

The evening included guided meditation and free acupuncture, as well as a discussion led by a panel of maternal wellness experts. The panelists included a Reproductive Mental Health expert, an Infertility Wellness Coach, a Prenatal Wellness Expert, a Nutritionist, a Holistic Health Practitioner, and a Meditation and Mindfulness Expert. They each offered advice on how best to practice self-care, whether you are trying to conceive, currently pregnant, or already a mom.


Their tips included doing one thing every day that brings you joy, taking the time to clear your head and be alone, allowing yourself to feel, and giving yourself love and compassion before giving it to others. Like I always try to remember, you can't pour from an empty cup!

The panelists then went on to answer questions about fertility, which ranged from the benefits of acupuncture to how to keep sex with your partner steamy while undergoing infertility treatments. It was a lively, and I think eye-opening, conversation for many people, and I loved how the event brought so many women together to discuss a topic that is usually clouded in stigma and shame. Also, cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles never hurt. So, cheers to byCHLOE, Robyn, and KindBody for celebrating all women this Mother's Day, no matter which stage of the journey they are in.

To learn more about the Beyond Mother's Day campaign, or to sign up to attend one of the free events this month, head to www.beyondmothersday.com. And if you are feeling sad this Mother’s Day, know that I see you and you are not alone.


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